5 Common Issues Caused By DIY Built In Wardrobe Installation in Singapore

Installing built in wardrobes can be a rewarding DIY project as it offers both practical storage solutions and aesthetic enhancements to your bedroom. However, many homeowners in Singapore encounter various issues when attempting to install these wardrobes themselves. This article highlights five common issues that arise during DIY built in wardrobe installation and underscores the advantages of engaging professional help.


Improper Measurements


One common issue frequently encountered with DIY built in wardrobes is inaccurate measurements. Mistakes in measuring can lead to gaps, misaligned doors, and uneven shelving. These errors not only affect the functionality of the wardrobe but also detract from the overall appearance of the room. To avoid the pitfalls of inaccurate measurements and ensure a seamless fit for your built in wardrobe, consider the benefits of engaging a professional carpentry service. Professional carpenters bring expertise and precision to the table, ensuring that measurements are taken accurately and the wardrobe is custom-built to fit the designated space perfectly. 


Lack of Structural Support

Another common problem during DIY built in wardrobe installation is the lack of adequate structural support. It is crucial for the wardrobe to be firmly anchored to the wall, supporting the weight of clothing, accessories, and other items. For this reason, professionals carefully ensure good structural support as one of the steps during professional built in wardrobe installation. Unfortunately, many DIY enthusiasts often underestimate the importance of employing appropriate hardware and techniques to guarantee stability. This often leads to unstable wardrobes and the need for costly repairs.


Poor Accessibility

Homeowners who perform a DIY installation of their custom wardrobes often fail to consider the aspect of accessibility.  Smooth drawer glides, adjustable shelves, and effective organization systems are crucial for convenient access to wardrobe contents. Without these features, retrieving items can be cumbersome, especially in deeper sections of the wardrobe. Ensuring that all areas of the wardrobe are easily accessible is also vital for a functional storage solution.


Subpar Aesthetics


While achieving a polished professional look with DIY built in wardrobes can be challenging, inconsistent finishes, visible screws, and uneven edges can make the wardrobe appear amateurish. Subpar aesthetics not only diminish the visual appeal of the room but can also affect the resale value of your home. One of the advantages of engaging professional built in wardrobe installation services is that they possess the expertise and tools required to achieve a seamless and attractive finish that complements your interior design.


Safety Hazards


Safety hazards are a common issue caused by DIY built in wardrobe installation. If the wardrobes aren’t securely anchored to the wall, they can tip over, posing a danger to anyone nearby, particularly children. Additionally, exposed sharp edges and poorly constructed components can lead to injuries. For optimal safety of your built-in wardrobe, it is recommended to entrust the task to professionals. Not only does engaging professional carpentry services improve your home, but it also reduces safety hazards as they prioritze structural integrity and proper anchoring. This helps to prevent accidents and ensures household well-being.


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While DIY projects can be fulfilling, installation of a custom built in wardrobe requires precise measurements, structural integrity, accessibility features, aesthetic considerations, and safety measures. By recognizing the potential issues and choosing professional assistance, you can relish a finely crafted, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing wardrobe that enhances both the value and functionality of your home. For reliable and expert built in wardrobe solutions in Singapore, contact Carpenter Cube today.


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